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01. Department of Computer Engineering in College of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Chungbuk National University is where high potential, creative, convergent talents with creativity, convergence and consilience, leading the future of creative industries based upon ICT are actively cultivated.

Moreover, the Department has nurtured talents who are able to work as an expert in various fields by educating the areas of contents, hardware as well as software such as multimedia, communication, image recognition, network security, database, development of a programming language and more, all of which are required in the future of ICT industry.

02. A well-rounded curriculum suited to diverse applications, software and hardware has implemented through computer system courses, multimedia courses, internet courses for the cultivation of top computer experts by the systematic curriculum of computer systems.

03. We have improved the quality in education for undergraduates through ABEEK( (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) program and various scholarships provided from both inside and outside of school such as the state scholarship of sciences and engineering, KT scholarship and distinguished scholarship from the inside of school. Furthermore, we have carried out practical major educations with the help of the academic research groups led by professors in the department.