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Dean’s Message

College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Welcome to Homepage of College of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Chungbuk National University.

Our college established as the first college of the field of IT among National Universities in 2000
has enthusiastically aimed to foster a person to be competent and armed with creativity and professionalism, a person to be deeply committed to being part of a society and a person to be
armed with a spirit of initiative in order to cultivate a world’s leading intellectual community and
its leader in the field of IT.

All of 66 full-time faculty members, nearly 1,900 undergraduates and 300 postgraduates in the
fields of Electric Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering and Software has worked towards the real goals of education and its vision.

Our college has put emphasis on a specialization of college through the attraction of specialized projects, the customized education suited to industry in order to meet the demand of industries and an education for the cultivation of creative talents. For an education cultivating of creative talents,
we have operated an ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) program and carried out design project which leads to the implementation of work by utilizing creative engineering design and comprehensive Information Technology, thereby presenting its outcomes in graduate exhibition. About 40 student research clubs have been formed and highly active for creative design activities in dept, which has resulted in winning 46 awards, the country’s most performance in a competitive exhibition over the last 3 years.

For the customized education suited to industry, we have operated diverse programs of
industry-university collaboration such as Samsung SW Track, SK Hynix Track, LG Chemicals Track, Samsung Membership Program Operation, ABOV Semiconductor, industry-university scholarship students of Siliconworks, I&C Technology, etc. This provides industries with workforce by finding outstanding students, and for the students, it grants a scholarship as well as a special privilege that they will start working at such companies after graduation. Therefore, it has become an excellent model of the education for industry-university cooperation.

College of Electrical and Computer Engineering has operated the attraction of the national university’s most of IT specialized projects. We have attracted BK21 PLUS Program, Seoul Accord Program,
LINC program, IDEC Center of Chungbuk National University, Technology Track Program based on Smart Grid, Human Resource Development Project for SoC Design, etc. in order to concentrate on industry-university cooperation and education & research, and received ‘Very Good’ in the comprehensive evaluation of the second stage of BK21 Program because of its outstanding outcomes.

With the most talented faculty members, our College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
will continue to strive for the best IT specialization of college that will become the benchmark domestically as well as globally in the field of IT by students’ enthusiasm and efforts and today’s students who eagerly prepares to become tomorrow’s leaders in the future of the field of IT.

Dean of College of Electrical and Computer Engineering Keon Myung Lee