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About Us

College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Chungbuk National University
College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

21st Century's Number 1 Engineering College fostering
every student as multi-talented individual
with diversified curriculums in emphasis of creativity

The department of electrical and computer engineering integrated with the field of IT was established in 2000 and it was the first case that such department was brought directly under a headquarter of a national university in Korea. In 2009, the department was elevated to the status of a college with the field of IT, which was the first time ever among national universities in Korea. Since then, 3 schools and 2 departments such as School of Electrical Engineering, School of Electronics Engineering, School of Information & Communication Engineering, the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Software Engineering have been operated.

The strategic vision of College of Electrical & Computer Engineering is the education for the cultivation of an IT leader shaping the future and leading the world. In order to implement the vision, we aim to educate for the cultivation of professional workforce armed with the theory and practice in the field of study, the cultivation of committed workforce serving the local community as well as the nation, and the cultivation of enterprising workforce preparing for globalization. Our college, furthermore, has built the systematic educational infrastructure by preparing detailed action plan on each objective of education.

All of 63 full-time faculty members, nearly 1,800 undergraduates and 300 postgraduates in the Electrical & Computer Engineering have made an tremendous efforts to carry out the vision of its education and its goal achievement.

Such efforts above has resulted in the following accomplishments

  • the first IT College among national universities (established in 2000)
  • Working on 7 IT Specialized Projects: Scholarship/Student’s education/ Research/ Industry-University Cooperation/Supporting Study Overseas

  • Employment rates of college alumni 77%
  • Largest corporation/public institution employment rates 59%

  • 7 Tracks : SK Hynix, LG Chemicals, Siliconworks, etc.
  • Supporting Scholarship & Joining a company after graduation

  • Student research clubs (43, the greatest number of activities) & Winning the greatest number of awards in nationwide competitions
  • Research results of professors ranked second in national Universities

Looking ahead, College of Electrical & Computer Engineering will be expanded as a global minded college, shaping our future by leading together on the basis of such accomplishments above.